Currently nuclear accounts for
of low-carbon electricity in the EU.

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Nuclear making Europe fit for 55

Brussels, 14 July 2021: FORATOM welcomes the Commission’s Fit for 55 package and fully supports all proposals which aim to reduce CO2 emissions in line with the Climate Law and Paris Agreement. Indeed, the bar has been set very high as it will apply to a broad range...

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Major trade unions in 10 European countries have again urged @EU_Commission to include #nuclear energy in the bloc’s sustainable finance #EUTaxonomy by promulgating delegated act that would allow the technology to compete with other low-emissions energy sources.
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What does nuclear contribute to Europe's economy?

Nuclear reactors in operation in the EU

€ Billion/year

Million Jobs


Electricity production

What people say

Angela Merkel

“At climate conferences Emmanuel Macron always has a little advantage over me because he has so many nuclear plants emitting so little CO2”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (source:, 22 January 2019)

Fatih Birol

“Firm capacity, including nuclear power in countries that have chosen to retain it as an option, is a crucial element in ensuring a secure electricity supply.”

Dr Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director (source:, 22 March 2020)

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