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FORATOM Mission & Vision

  • FORATOM acts as the voice of the European nuclear industry in energy policy discussions with EU Institutions and other key stakeholders. It provides a bridge between its members and European policy-makers, thereby helping the industry to play a leading role in the policy debate.

  • FORATOM to be recognised as the respected and credible voice of the European nuclear industry; an industry that is a driving force behind Europe's efforts to achieve a sustainable and competitive low-carbon energy mix.


  • Yukiya Amano"Nuclear power can help to improve energy security, reduce the impact of volatile fossil fuel prices, mitigate the effects of climate change, and m...

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  • Alex White"I have the view that if you're having a serious debate about energy, you cannot exclude nuclear. We have a dependence on damaging carbon-based ene...

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  • Julie Bishop"It's an obvious conclusion that if you want to bring down your greenhouse gas emission dramatically you have to embrace a form of low or zero-emis...

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